Health And Care Cluster

Health and Care Cluster Projects

Being such a complex topic, digitalisation of health and care requires on-going efforts for aligning systems, practices and sometimes even vocabularies, among professionals in the sector.

Adding to that, the ongoing digital transformation forces the healthcare domain to face new challenges, be it the technological architecture and processes, their subsequent impact on the relationship between patients, users and professionals and the legal and ethical issues such as privacy and the sensitivity of data that arise.

Hence, an active collaboration between the various stakeholders is essential.

Therefore, the European Commission has established a  Health and Care Cluster among the main Horizon2020-financed research projects, including SHAPES. The cluster compromises 5 working groups. SHAPES leads the WG on dissemination. Four other WGs are focused on Architecture, Use Cases, KPIs and GDPR allowing for an informed discussion on the technical choices to be operated across the various use cases and requirements at the core of the discussions.

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